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James Seaborne 1847-1912 - Father of 32 children

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The Seaborne family have lived in the Vowchurch area of Herefordshire for at least 250

years. It seems most of mine were masons or timber fellers. In the second half of the 19th

century they were felling trees in various areas, probably for the coal mines of Glamorgan

and Monmouthshire. James Seaborne was born on the 12th February 1847 in Vowchurch to

John Seaborne and Lydia Price.

James had 2 sisters and a brother. He also had 5 half siblings from his father’s first marriage

to Mary Skyrme. He was to have a further 12 half siblings after his mother Lydia died in

1860. John Seaborne’s third wife was Hannah Monkley. It is possible John had fathered more

than 21 children.

James married my Great Great Grandmother Mary Ann Jones (of Eardisley) on the 10th

June 1867 Hay, Breconshire, Wales. Mary Ann Jones was 17 years old when she married,

with James being 20. I’ve spent a huge amount of time researching the family, this included

travelling to St. Mary’s Church, Hay, Breconshire and Hereford Records Office. Though

records weren’t difficult to access, the sheer number of children was immense.

I started my research almost 20 years ago, research was a lot more difficult back then.

Going through the censuses, collecting bmd certificates, baptismal records and very

importantly newspaper reports.

Children of James Seaborne & Mary Ann Jones.

Sarah Jane Seaborne b. 1868 Hay, Breconshire.

Mary Ann Seaborne b. 1869 Hay, Breconshire.

Isabel Seaborne b. 1871 Hay, Breconshire.

William Seaborne b. 1872 Hay, Breconshire. *Great - grandfather.

James Seaborne b. 1875 Hay, Breconshire

Lydia Seaborne b. 1877/78 Hay, Breconshire (Bapt. 1/1/1878)

Ansell Seaborne b. 1877/1878 Hay, Breconshire.

Emily Seaborne b. 1879 Hay, Breconshire.

Thomas Seaborne. b. 1881 Hay, Breconshire.

Elizabeth Seaborne. b. 1883 Hay, Breconshire.

Henry Seaborne b.1885 Hay, Breconshire.

John Arthur Seaborne b.1887 Hay, Breconshire.

Edwin / Edward Seaborne b. 1890 Llanbadarn Y Garreg, Radnorshire.

Frank Seaborne b.1892 Hay, Breconshire.

In various newspaper reports from the 4th of August 1900 James claimed to have had 20

children with his first Mary Ann Jones. I found records for only fourteen of the children.

There was no requirement to register stillbirths at this time. I did go through the parish

registers at St. Mary’s in Hay and a number of entries were very difficult to read. The family

changed address several times including a move to Llanbadarn Y Garreg.

I believe a number of children died at birth and or were stillborn. There would have been no

reason for James to exaggerate the number of children.

(South Wales Echo, 04 August 1900)

At least 9 children were born prior to the census of 1881. Records of the census show 5

children were with their parents in Hay. The eldest child Sarah Jane was with her mother’s

family on Newport Street, Hay. Isabella was living in Dowlais, Glamorgan with her aunt

Sarah South. Sarah was Mary Ann Jones' sister. Twins Lydia and Ansell died as babies.

The census of 1891 for Llanbadarn Y Garreg, Radnorshire doesn’t show any children that

were not mentioned in the fourteen recorded earlier.

Mary Ann died on the 11th March 1893 on Newport Street, Hay. James remarried on the

14th May 1893 at the Congregational Chapel in Hay. Just eight weeks after the death of my

Great, Great Grandmother. This was understandable considering the number of children in

the house. James’ second wife was Annie Powell, a 26 year old widow (maiden name


Children of James Seaborne and Annie Probert.

Charles Seaborne b.1894 Hay, Breconshire.

Matthew Seaborne b. 1896 Hay, Breconshire.

Lydia Seaborne b.1898 Resolven, Glamorgan.

Pretoria / Victoria Seaborne b. 1900 Staunton on Wye, Herefordshire (birth and death certs


John Seaborne b. 1901 Staunton on Wye, Herefordshire.

Annie Seaborne b. 1903 Staunton on Wye, Herefordshire.

Ethel Annie Seaborne b. 1905 Worcestershire.

Jessie Seaborne b. 1907 Worcestershire.

Joseph Seaborne b.1909 Tenbury, Worcestershire.

On the 3rd and 4th of August 1900 various newspapers reported on a Coroner’s inquest into

the death of a 10 week old baby Pretoria May Seaborne daughter of James Seaborne and

his second Wife Annie. James gave evidence that he had 20 children with Mary Ann Jones

and 6 with his second wife. James stated that 12 were living. To bring the total up to 32, In

the 1911 census the total for children being born to Annie was 12 with 5 still living.

Though I know the following years of most of the children, if you feel you may be a

descendant of the family please do contact.

We gratefully appreciate all support to help us continue the running of this site.

We will also help you in your research of stories within your own ancestry.

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1 Comment

Clair Swales
Clair Swales
Jan 05

James Seabourne was my second great grandfather. His daughter Isabelle with his wife Mary Ann Jones was my Great Grandmother. Her daughter Rose (Morgan then Ratcliffe) was my Grandmother. I am interested in the Irish Welsh connection to this page? Just started doing my family tree. Thanks, Clair

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